We offer a whole engineering solution for Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) in several hospitals. With broad experience, we ensure the vogue of reliable as well as safe Medical Gas Pipeline System. Medical gases used in a hospital are life-supporting constituent that gives direct impact in support the life of a patient. Ours Medical Gas Pipeline System has cleared those manual & task as well as passing our strict company standard. This system has an audio-visual monitoring system capable of checking the state, & a device to prevent cross connection at medical gas outlet based on the memory. Fully automatic self-contained roam valve, with no electrical power required for switching.

Centralized Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) is today recognized as a basic life support infrastructural need of a hospital. It helps maintenance the hygiene in the high-risk areas such as OT, ICU, ICCU, and nursery & saves the effort involved in retraction cylinders. During an emergency, when a cylinder is called for the cylinder may turn out to be empty, this cylinder key may not be traceable or the engaged flow meter may be damaged due to the cylinder falling. There is here upon a chance that crucial minutes are lost fully or partially resulting in a perfectly evadable hypoxia to the patient.

MGPS ensures sustained supply to the lifesaving oxygen and / or suction facility to help a clinician / caregiver save his/ her patient without concern. A MGPS is designed to provide a safe & effective method of delivering the required medical gas from the source of supply through a Medical Gas Pipeline System to the patient via a terminal unit. Every medical gas to be must supplied from a separate system and it is essential that all parts of each system are gas specific

To ensure that there is no possibility of cross-connection between any systems.


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