Operation theatres can be the scene of a simple surgical procedure or an extremely complex coronary operation that makes a difference between life and death. The Modular OT and associated equipment’s need to be absolutely top grade, fail-safe and totally reliable. Only a few manufacturers can assure world class fail-safe equipment’s that help surgeons in their task, are easy to sterilize and maintain and give flawless service.

Hospitals these days prefer a Modular OT for a clean and sterile air. Different types of walls cladding like PVC, Stainless Steel, SMS, HPL, Glass with anti-microbial properties that allow easy sterilization and ensure highest hygiene. Insulation, fire resistance and ease of cleaning are a few of the important considerations. Panel design should be such that it allows easy fixing to underlying brick walls and finishing with adequate gap to run wires and pipes. Panels also need to be strong enough to support equipment’s and lighting fixtures. Manufacturers of such Modular Operation Theatre provision for grinding, finishing and painting with non-reflective waterproof and flame-retardant liquid plastic coating. Care in design and manufacture as well as in installation is a reflection of the quality standards of the manufacturer of such theatres.


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